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  1. Superman Meets Susie (Superman) (He actually "meets" her in issue 59) -- 2. Private Pete -- 3. The Duke Goes to the Dogs (Vigilante) -- 4. Romeo, the Robot -- 5. The Ancient Incas (Congo Bill) -- 6. Super Sleuth McFooey -- 7. Between Dishonor and Death (Americommando) -- 8. Laffs -- 9. Double Twist -- 10. The Picture that Walked (Zatara)
Superman: Lois brings her eight year old niece Susie into the Planet offices to meet Clark and Perry White. Susie is a notorious fibber, and she tells Clark that when she was fishing at the docks, she caught a whale and then a battleship flew past in the air. Lois wants to punish her for telling lies, but Clark suggests they visit the docks to verify Susie's story. Susie tries to convince them not to go, but Lois insists.
Clark, of course, switches to Superman and captures a whale to bring to the docks, and as Susie and Lois are staring at it, he lifts a battleship and flies past with it.
After the stunt, Superman owns up to being the cause and Lois phones in the story to the Planet. Susie, seeing Lois reporting a story, decides she wants to report one as well. She overhears two sailors at the dock discussing a plan to "kill" some people. Although the sailors are merely discussing a comedy performance they plan to stage for their mates, Susie thinks they are real criminals planning a major crime. By coincidence, one of the sailors' names is Beaker, which is the same as a gangster's name. Susie phones the planet and claims she is reporting a story on behalf of Lois, and when she gives the name 'Beaker', the city desk editor thinks she is talking about the gangster.
The Planet prints a story that Beaker's gang plans to kill some people, and gives Lois as the author. When Susie owns up, Lois thinks her career is finished, but Clark isn't so sure.
Investigating as Superman, he discovers that the gangster Beaker is in fact planning a major bank robbery. Superman foils the robbery and captures the gang, allowing Lois to write a follow-up story and save her reputation.

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