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Supergirl returns as Matrix and is attacked by Draaga in deep space. But the battle remains unsettled as both are captured by the deadly Warworld.

Upon a distant planet, Kletus-4, a stranger dressed like Superman(but with different colors) appears in a pub and gets into a fight with a local resident while trying to protect a woman. Then a cellkeeper comes and takes the supposed Superman away for a chat.

Draaga, who was previously defeated by Superman in Warworld, but spared his life, listens to the whole story and decides that he must find out Superman to settle old scores. He is greeted by Lady Maxima, who also wants to find Superman for her own ends.

In Suicide Slum, Jimmy is working with Bibbo, when he is handed some rare photos earlier taken by him. Superman breaks into a lead-lined warehouse occupied by Intergang and takes care of them.

Meanwhile the cellkeeper and the supposed Superman are reviving memories, when Draaga descends from an Almeracian ship and attacks Superman. A brief battle ensues, with Draaga hurtling a boulder at Superman and defeating him. He is about to kill Superman when he finds that "Superman" has become "Supergirl".

To his surprise, Draaga and Supergirl are summoned into Warworld by a hooded figure. It is here that Supergirl introduces herself as Matrix and bests Draaga. The hooded figure reveals himself as Brainiac.

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