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Superman: Lois is interviewing some army brass when he tells her that the army wants to create an officers' training school on four city blocks in Metropolis, but due to the manpower shortage because of the war, they can't get the job done in time. Lois says she will get Superman to help.
When Superman shows up at the army base, he discovers there is another problem: although most of the buildings on the four blocks are empty, there are three that are still occupied, and the owners refuse to move. Superman decides to pay them a visit.
The first house belongs to an old lady named Martha Hoskins, who tells him that 30 years ago she wanted to marry Samuel Rayburn, but they got into an argument over who had to give up their house to go live with the other. As they both swore they would never move, Hoskins and Rayburn (who lives two doors down the street) have remained single and feuding all that time. When Superman visits Rayburn, he hears much the same story, except that Rayburn has lost most of his possessions because he neglected his business while waiting for Hoskins to change her mind.
When Superman visits the third house, he is told that the occupant is a seriously ill man who cannot be moved without risking his death. However, this is just a cover for some crooks who are using the house to store burgled goods. Superman uncovers the deception and captures the crooks, for which the police give him a large reward. Superman uses the reward to buy back Rayburn's possessions. Then, one night, he moves both Hoskins' and Rayburn's houses to a different plot of land and joins them together. When Hoskins and Rayburn wake up the next morning, they discover they now live in the same house without either of them having had to move, so their feud is at an end and they get married.
Meanwhile, Superman demolishes the other buildings and builds the new army training centre at super speed.

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