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Superman: Rich rogue Truman Treadwell is on his deathbed and trying to decide what to do with his $3 million fortune. Treadwell has two sons: Brandon, a rogue himself with links to organized crime, and Roger, a doctor doing research into children's diseases. Roger wants the inheritance so he can use it all in his research, so Treadwell proposes that Roger can have $2 million provided he can spend the other million within 24 hours. The condition is that he can spend no more than $1000 in any single purchase. If Roger should fail to spend the entire million, the inheritance goes to Brandon instead.

Lois gets Superman to help Roger spend the money, while Brandon enlists the aid of mobster Tug Moxton to prevent him.

Superman and Roger start out by doing various good deeds, but don't make much of a dent in the million. Then Moxton stages a mugging on Roger and steals $144,000 of the cash.

Roger decides to get Superman to build a research ship which can be used to visit the Mediterranean in search of new materials that can be used in medicine, in the hope this will use up a lot of the cash. As the purchases for the ship are made, Superman builds it at super-speed. Just as it's finished, one of Moxton's gang blows it up, but this just gives Roger and Superman the chance to spend more money to build a replacement.

Finally, Roger attends an auction at an art gallery and attempts to get rid of more money by bidding huge amounts for worthless items. Moxton's gang shows up again but Superman foils their attempts to interfere, and as a bonus manages to get back the $144,000 they stole earlier.

As the 24 hour deadline approaches, Roger discovers he still hasn't spent the entire million, so Superman submits a bill for his services (@ $100 a minute), which he then donates to charity. Roger secures the inheritance and Brandon and Moxton's gang go to jail.

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