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  1. When Stars Collide (Superman) : Superman gets amnesia -- 2. Dummy, Dummy & Dummy, Inc. (Vigilante) -- 3. Woozy World -- 4. Leatherneck Luck (Three Aces) -- 5. A Right in der Fuehrer's Face (Americommando) -- 6. Private Pete -- 7. The Curse of Catellaria (Congo Bill) -- 8. Crazy Scheme -- 9. The Pirate of Pleasure (Zatara)

Superman: Lois and Clark go to a mid-western city to visit an observatory so they can watch the collision of two distant stars. In his hotel room, Clark is watching the stars with his telescopic vision when radiation from them causes him to become dizzy and fall out the window. He lands at the feet of a gang of criminals led by Professor Praline, and discovers that he has amnesia. Praline realizes that Clark must be Superman in order to have survived the fall, and convinces Clark that he is a strong-arm man for the mob, getting him to join his gang.

Praline's first job for Superman is to get him to take out Spike Jaeger, Praline's rival in crime. Afterwards, Praline realizes he can't push his luck since Clark might regain his memory at any time, so he plans a single huge job - a robbery of the US gold reserves at Fort Blox.

Just as Superman is breaking into Fort Blox, the astronomers discover that a giant meteor from the stellar collision is heading towards Earth. Superman sees the approaching meteor and a buried sense of duty surfaces, telling him he must halt the meteor. As he flies into the meteor head-on, the collision restores his memory, although he can remember nothing about his period as a mobster, allowing Lois to get a scoop on the story.

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