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  1. There'll Always be a Superman (Superman) -- 2. The Crime Carnival (Vigilante) -- 3. The Loyal Traitor (Three Aces) -- 4. The Blitz Barge (Americommando) -- 5. Laffs -- 6. Island of Peril (Congo Bill) -- 7. Murder in the Dark -- 8. The Money Buyer (Zatara)
Superman: In the year 2143, where war and crime are things of the past, an old man tells a tale of a Superman adventure 200 years earlier to his grandchildren. 
In 1943, Lois is on a fishing boat gathering material for an article on the fishing fleet when some men adrift in a dinghy are spotted. The fishermen bring them on board only to discover that one of the men is a German submarine officer, Admiral von Storff, with a gun, who takes over the boat and forces it to steer to a particular point in the ocean. Some mysterious force grabs the boat from underwater and forces it to sink. All passengers and crew, including Lois, are believed lost, although the captain, Zeb Storme, manages to escape and reach land. Clark hears the story of the presumed loss of the boat and Lois, so he changes to Superman and takes Captain Storme back out to the place where the boat was sunk. Diving beneath the surface, they discover a German base in an underwater cave, and find that the crew and Lois have been taken prisoner by the Germans and are to be forced to build Nazi weapons to be used in attacking America. 
As Superman tries to free the captives, the Germans set off an explosion which brings the cave's roof down. Superman manages to hold off the falling rock long enough for the captives to escape into an adjoining chamber, but is then buried.
Meanwhile, von Storff decides to shoot all his captives, but Superman manages to tunnel out just in time to prevent the murders and capture the Germans, who are taken to a coastal town where they in turn become captives of the Americans.
Back in 2143, the grandchildren loved the story but wish they could meet Superman. It turns out Superman is still alive and drops in for a visit...

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