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  1. "Lois Lane--Superwoman!" (Siegal/Sikela) - After Lois and Clark have an argument, Lois rushes into the street and is hit by a truck, giving Lois a concussion. Clark learns that her only hope is for brain surgeon Dr. Michelson to be found and brought in, but he is missing. Superman sets off to find him. Meanwhile, unconscious Lois dreams that she receives a blood transfusion from Superman which allows her to recover almost instantly and that the Man of Tomorrow's blood has given her superpowers. She designs a costume for herself and goes out to fight crime.

    Later, Lois rescues a hooded man being attacked by some thugs, only to discover that the man is Clark. Lois makes Clark promise not to reveal her powers to anyone else, but as she leaves him she is captured by a net slung from an airplane and knocked unconscious by gas. She is taken to the lair of mad scientist Dr. Skowl, who was attempting to capture Superman. As Skowl is about to kill Lois, Superman arrives, but is captured with an electrical trap. However, the distraction allows Lois to recover, defeat Skowl and save Superman. Lois then gets Superman to agree to marry her, but at that point she wakes up to discover that Superman had found Dr. Michelson and that Michelson had done the operation to save her.

  2. "Rainbow over Crimeville" (Meskin/Paris) featuring the Vigilante - The Rainbow Man surfaces again, using models to plan his attacks throughout the city.
  3. "The Lieutenant from Corregidor!" (Fox/Cazeneuve) featuring the Three Aces
  4. "Rations for Victory" (Greene/Baily) featuring Americommando [Tex Thomson]
  5. "Jungle Justice!" (Daly) featuring Congo Bill
  6. "Styles in Crime" (Sulman) featuring Zatara

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