etragedy's Action Comics #6 - The Man Who Sold Superman review

First Jimmy Olsen appearance? You decide.

I was disappointed to discover that DC's digital copy of Action Comics 6 only includes the Superman story, not the entire comic; however, since there doesn't seem to be much of a contingent clamoring for Pep Morgan stories, I'll go ahead and review the issue based on the only story you're likely to care about: Superman's Phoney Manager.

A man shows up at the offices of the Daily Star claiming to be Superman's manager, and offers the paper an exclusive - much to the chagrin of Clark Kent. The editor sends Kent to interview 'Superman', but when an office boy overhears the assignment, and tells Lois Lane, she finagles her way into going instead.

It's an enjoyable if standard early Superman piece. I can't help but think the phony manager who has licensed Superman's image for everything from toys to radio dramas, is Jerry Siegel making a dig at National (DC).

But, probably the most notable thing about this story for fans, is the brief, two panel appearance of a red headed office boy, which many consider to be the first appearance of Jimmy Olsen - he's never named, so give it a look, and decide for yourself.

Posted by jinxuandi

Honest question: is he red-headed in the digital copy? This is what I see:

To me, that's blond, and this is clearly not Jimmy Olsen. But I wouldn't be surprised if DC re-colored these panels to retroactively give an appearance to Jimmy.

In any event this is a pretty good early Superman story. I love the phoney manager's reply when asked about the real Superman: "Ah, he's probably just a myth."

Posted by etragedy

@jinxuandi: Hmmm. He does look blonde. I was reading on an iPhone, so it was really small and kind of hard to tell.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

I actually clicked on this review for the Pep Morgan story......

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