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  1. "The Face of Adonis!" (Siegal/Citron) featuring Superman -Fading film star James Trevor becomes depressed and is about to commit suicide when he receives a visit from a plastic surgeon who claims he can restore Trevor's handsome features. After the bandages come off, Dr. Menace reveals that he has made him hideously ugly, but if Trevor agrees to obey Menace's every command for a month, he will fulfill his promise of restoring Trevor's looks.

    Menace orders Trevor to commit several thefts under the ironic identity of Adonis. His first target is a director whose party Lois and Clark have been invited to, where Adonis steals a priceless ruby. At another party, Adonis breaks into a secret vault under an actor's pool. When Superman shows up to prevent the robbery, Adonis locks the actor in the vault and makes good his escape while Superman rescues him.

    The next evening, Lois and Clark attend yet another party at the estate of film star Philip Minton. Minton's estate contains an amusement park, and while Lois and Clark are on the ferris wheel, Adonis steals a Rembrandt painting from Minton's house. Pretending to fall out of the Ferris wheel, Clark changes to Superman in an attempt to catch Adonis, but Dr Menace shows up and rigs the Ferris wheel so it spins out of control. Superman is forced to save people from the ride. When Superman is finally able to pursue the thief, Menace shoots Adonis to prevent him from revealing Menace's part in the plot. However, Adonis lives long enough to strangle Menace before dying from his wounds.

  2. "The Dummy and the Dumbbell" (Cameron/Meskin/Paris) featuring the Vigilante
  3. "Double-X for the Axis" (Fox/Cazeneuve) featuring the Three Aces
  4. "The Brigade of the Biting Rabbit!" (Greene/Baily) featuring the Americommando [Tex Thomson]
  5. "The Full-Dress Rebellion!" (Smalle) featuring Congo Bill
  6. "The Seven Year Itch!" (Fox/Sulman) featuring Zatara

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