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  1. "Crime's Comedy King!" (Siegel/Sikela) featuring Superman - The Prankster is waiting in crime lord Ruggles' study, and has a bizarre proposition for him: if Ruggles gives the Prankster $100,000, the Prankster promises to return $1 million to him within a month. Ruggles's greed overcomes his caution, and he gives the Prankster the money. The Prankster's first action is to head to the police station, where he publicly donates $50,000 to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ostriches, and then turns himself in. However, he is soon out of jail, as the charity's donors post bail for him. Shortly afterwards, a series of thefts afflicts the rich residents of Metropolis. The Prankster now returns to Ruggles with the million he promised him and reveals that access to the wealthy allowed him to break into their homes and steal their prize possessions. Superman arrives but the Prankster tricks him into knocking himself out. Before the Prankster can escape from Ruggles, Ruggles' goons capture him and tie him to a naval firing range. When Superman recovers, he captures Ruggles, only to find that the Prankster has managed to escape yet again.
  2. "The Feud of Rimfire Ridge!" (Meskin/Paris) featuring the Vigilante - Greg decides to take a vacation in the mountains, only to find himself drawn into the middle of a feud.
  3. "Veiled Desert Bandits!" (Fox/Cazeneuve) featuring the Three Aces
  4. "Mightier than the Sword" (Greene/Baily) featuring Americommando [Tex Thomson]
  5. "The Galloping Ghosts" featuring Congo Bill - Bill investigates the disappearance of an explorer in Argentina.
  6. "Treasure Trove" (Sulman) featuring Zatara

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