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  1. The Pirate of Pleasure Island (Superman) -- 2. Capt. Hewitt T. "Shorty" Wheless (Supermen of the U.S. Army) -- 3. Laffs -- 4. The Rookie who Fought a Ghost (Vigilante) -- 5. Fire Over Yunnanfu Road (Three Aces) -- 6. Destination Berlin (Americommandos) -- 7. The Old Fireball -- 8. Chief Hot Foot -- 9. Idol of Doom (Congo Bill) -- 10. Tickets, Please -- 11. Recipe for Robbery (Zatara)

Superman: Young Stanley Finchcomb is punished by his father whenever he plays pirates with his friends or reads any books on pirates, and he is forbidden from going into the attic of their house.

Years later, Stanley's father finally relents and takes Stanley into the attic to show him a vast collection of pirate memorabilia, all collected from his ancestors. The most notorious pirate in Stanley's past, however, is Captain Ironfist. Stanley's father reveals that he is terrified that Stanley will inherit the evil of his ancestors and makes him promise to be a law-abiding citizen as he grows up.

When Stanley becomes a man, he creates an amusement park called Pleasure Island, but he finds his thoughts turning more and more towards pirates. One day, in his study, the ghost of Captain Ironfist leaps out of a painting and takes possession of Stanley. Together, they launch a career of crime on the high seas, using Pleasure Island as a cover, where one of the boats doubles as the Merry Anne, Ironfist's old pirate vessel.

While Lois and Clark are visiting Pleasure Island, Lois triggers a hidden panel on the boat and disappears. Later, when the Merry Anne puts out to sea in search of Ironfist's next victim, Lois is discovered, tied up and thrown overboard. Superman saves her and overpowers Ironfist and his crew.

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