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  1. The Man who Put Out the Sun (Superman) -- 2. He Blasted Tokyo (Supermen of the U.S. Army) -- 3. Gags -- 4. The Blackout Blues (Vigilante) -- 5. Wings Over the Pacific (Three Aces) -- 6. Americommando and the Cinema Saboteur (Americommandos) -- 7. A Simple Job -- 8. Private Pete -- 9. The Man who Played King (Congo Bill) -- 10. Clancy the Cop -- 11. Careful Chester -- 12. Crooks - Handle with Care (Zatara)

Superman: Lois wakes up one morning to find her neighbourhood in total darkness. In the confusion, a jewelry store was robbed. While discussing it with Clark and Perry at the Planet, a report of another area of darkness is received, and Lois and Clark rush off to investigate. In the darkness, Clark switches to Superman and, as he is able to see in the darkness, he apprehends the crooks robbing a bank. One of the crooks is about to spill the beans about who his leader is, when he spots an owl flying overhead and becomes afraid to say any more.

Lois borrows the thug's goggles, which allow her to see in the darkness. Meanwhile, Superman takes the thug to his "secret mountain retreat" (first appearance of the Fortress of Solitude?), where he switches places with the thug so he can infiltrate the gang's hideout.

Returning to the jail, he arrives just in time for the other thugs to break him out of jail, believing he is one of them. Lois stows away in the trunk of the car. They drive to a cave in the mountains, where the disguised Superman and Lois meet the Night Owl, the leader of the thugs. He has done experiments with light and darkness and developed a black light projector capable of plunging city blocks into darkness. His pet owl has poisoned claws, and because the thug failed to spot Lois stowing away in the car, he is killed by an attack from the owl.

Just as the owl is about to attack Lois, Superman sheds his disguise to save her. After a final battle, Superman captures the Night Owl and his gang.

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