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  1. The Devil's Playground (Superman) -- 2. Crimes in Color (Vigilante) -- 3. El Abu (Clancy the Cop) -- 4. Any Luck, Za Zu, Welcome Home (Smiles) -- 5. The Djinn (Three Aces) -- 6. Iron Giant (Mr. America and Fatman) -- 7. Pea Shooter -- 8. The Death of Congo Bill (Congo Bill) -- 9. Fights the Nazis in Europe (Zatara)
Superman: Jim Gantry, owner of an amusement park, throws out some thugs who are running a gambling stall, but they threaten revenge from their boss, The Domino. Later, Lois and Clark arrive on an afternoon off, however things start to go wrong for them. Superman saves Lois when a cable on a ride snaps, then rescues Gantry from an attack by Domino's thugs. Just as Superman is about to confront the Domino, he slips away.
Changing back to Clark, Superman discovers that due to Clark's absence, Lois has hooked up with a playboy, Jeff Farnham, instead. Superman is again distracted when the Domino's thugs plant a bomb in another ride, but while he is dealing with that, Lois is abducted while with Farnham. Superman finally deals with Domino and his gang, only to discover that Farnham himself is the Domino.
This issue is the first (apart from Action #1) with a cover that shows a scene from the story inside. Action #2 through #45 showed general action scenes, usually featuring Superman, but they had no relation to the story.

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