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  1. The Pilot's Revenge (Superman) -- 2. Some Fun -- 3. Billy Gunn's Mine (Vigilante) -- 4. The Adventure of the Ancient Airplane (Three Aces) -- 5. The Giant Puppets (Mr. America) -- 6. Gentlemen on Guard -- 7. The Golden Idol (Congo Bill) -- 8. The Boss of Forrest City (Zatara)
Superman: Several Skyways planes have crashed and the manager, Avery Thornton, has disappeared. Perry White has a tip as to where Thornton is and sends Lois to cover the story. Lois decides to take a Skyways plane, but Superman follows the plane in case of trouble. During the flight, there is an explosion in the cockpit, so Superman has to save the plane.
Later, Lois arrives at Thornton's house only to find Thornton murdered. The butler admits he was ordered to kill Thornton and tried to frame Lois for the murder, but before he can say who hired him, he is gunned down by a passing aircraft and Lois and Clark are captured by some thugs. They are taken to a remote tower on a cliff edge, where they are tied up and the tower set alight. Lois conveniently knocks herself out trying to free herself, leaving Clark free to change to Superman and save her.
Pursuing the thugs, Superman learns that the boss of the gang is Dutch O'Leary who was destroying the planes as revenge for being fired by Skyways years earlier.

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