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  1. Cover by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano.
  2. "Superman, You're Dead...Dead...Dead!" written by Leo Dorfman, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson. While trying to stop an experimental power plant disaster, Superman is transported to the distant future - a future where he has already died 3 times over! There, he discovers historic figures such as Custer, Lincoln and Washington, all of whom were transported just before their historical deaths. All these figures are being used as exhibits in an advanced history class in the future. Superman is shown records of history as viewed by the future civilization, and discovers that twice in the past he was about to die, but each time the scientists of the day produced a copy of him to replace the one that died. He is the third version of Superman, but due to instability of the protoplasm used to created him, when he dies he cannot be replaced. Although reluctant to return to his past and what he believes is certain death, Superman is persuaded to return, otherwise he would disrupt the time stream and cause the deaths of billions. Upon returning however, he discovers that he doesn't die, and that the 'future' to which he was transported was in a parallel dimension so doesn't represent his own future.
  3. "Superbaby's Lost World!" An "Untold Tale of Superman's Childhood" story. written by Geoff Brown, penciled by Curt Swan and inked by Murphy Anderson. While visiting a prehistoric theme park, baby Clark gets separated from the Kents. He links up with a pair of criminals who 'adopt' him in an attempt to appear as a family and thus escape the police. However, Superbaby repeatedly uses his powers to save the criminals from various accidents, in the process scaring them so much they surrender to the police.

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