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For his first story as a TV reporter, Clark Kent covers the growing popularity of Folk/Rock festivals. But he discovers that the young people who attend the concerts promoted by Cy Horkin behave rather... oddly.

1. The Pied Piper of Steel. Morgan Edge has taken over the Daily Planet and Clark is reassigned as a TV reporter. While covering Cy Horkin's rock concerts, he notices that the fans start obeying the lyrics in the songs. Horkin has developed an electronic brain that converts the lyrics into irresistible commands so that anyone listening to the music obeys him. He plans to command a mob to destroy the university that refused to elect him president. Superman pretends to be affected by the music as well and starts leading the mob in its quest for destruction. However, he leads them to Horkin's headquarters and they destroy the electronic brain instead.

2. Spawn of the Unknown. Superman answers a distress call from a gamekeeper and discovers weirdly transmuted beasts in an extinct volcanic crater. The gamekeeper tells him that Professor Bruno, a botanist, experimented with growth hormones and after an explosion, the hormones caused local animals to become plants and take root in the ground. It seems that even Superman isn't immune to the effect, since he discovers a transmuted form of Supergirl. After a side trip to Egypt to foil some tomb raiders, Superman returns and attempts to remove the Supergirl-plant but in doing so he tears its limbs off. Just as he is about to believe he has killed Supergirl, she arrives and reveals that the mutated plants merely attempt to take on the forms of nearby animals rather than affecting the animals directly.

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