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  1. The Man with the Radioactive Touch (Superman) -- 2. Tail Lights, Cooking School, I Hate Fish! (Gags) -- 3. Tear Gas, Bread (It's True) -- 4. The Jailed Star (Pep Morgan) -- 5. Tobo, Fur Coat, Back Seat Driver (Laff Lines) -- 6. Escape from the Palace (Black Pirate) -- 7. Palm Tree, States, Switzerland, Thespian (Quiz) -- 8. Iodine, Walnut Trees -- 9. The Medicine Thief (Three Aces) -- 10. Vs. the Fifth Columnists (Mr. America) -- 11. Get Your Man -- 12. Hot Dog Stand (Silly Willy) -- 13. The Secret U-Boat Base (Congo Bill) -- 14. "I've Not Yet Begun to Fight!" (Famous American Words) -- 15. 3/5th's of a Second, First Electrical Communication -- 16. The Zin Diamond (Zatara)
At the Chalmers radiation labs, scientist Brett Bryson disregards the warnings of his colleagues Chalmers and Davis, and performs an experiment with radium. Something goes wrong and Bryson seems to have been killed in a radioactive explosion.
After Chalmers is cleared of negligence in court, a strange, glowing hooded man stages a number of robberies. The 'ghost' is impervious to bullets, has enormous strength and his touch causes death from radium poisoning. As a result, the police suspect Superman of the crimes.
Visiting police headquarters as Clark, Superman discovers that the ghost's fingerprints are those of Brett Bryson. When Superman looks in Bryson's grave, he finds the coffin empty. Confronting Chalmers the facts, Superman forces him to reveal that he planned the explosion in order to get Bryson to commit robberies for him, while telling Bryson that he had only a week to live and by committing the robberies he could provide for his widow after his death.

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