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  1. Hypnosis by Radio (Superman) -- 2. (Pep Morgan) -- 3. Funnies -- 4. Don De Avila (Black Pirate) -- 5. Fantastic Facts -- 6. (Three Aces) -- 7. The Gorrah Strikes at Libraries (Mr. America) -- 8. Rock Bound -- 9. Jungle Fun -- 10. The Mines of Ophir (Congo Bill) -- 11. [Untitled] -- 12. Curios -- 13. The Rolling Fireball Menace (Zatara)
Superman: A strange series of crimes hits Metropolis, with a mailman holding up a jewelry store, policemen firing on their own force and a bank manager who locks some police and Lois in the bank vault. In all cases, the people involved seem to forget they have done anything wrong immediately afterwards. 
When Superman finds Lois acting as the getaway car for a gold robbery, he refuses to believe she is acting on her own volition, and upon visiting her apartment, discovers a radio receiver hidden under her bed. As he scours the city looking for hidden radio transmitters, Superman discovers psychologist Harold Morton broadcasting messages to Lois and others, hypnotizing them to perform robberies for him and then forgetting they have done anything wrong. Morton attempts to defeat superman with a variety of bizarre inventions and even tries to hypnotize him. However, Superman's superior will hypnotizes Morton and forces him to go to the police and confess his crimes.

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