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The Battle of the Gods!

Superman has met no mightier foe than Zha-Vam, the giant who has the powers of the ancient gods! But now the Man of Steel invades the domain of the fabled champions themselves... Mount Olympus! And this leads to Superman's most titanic struggle... "The Battle of the Gods!"

The Cosmic Collectors!

What weird life-forms are these that can startle even the Girl of Steel? Humanoids?... monster-men?... intelligent animals?... brainy insects?... No, nothing so ordinary! What Supergirl runs into this time is a group of the most unbelievable things in the universe! And their mission is even more fantastic, for they are... "The Cosmic Collectors!"

By travelling through the time-barrier, Superman finds out Zha-Vam's origins - but is that enough to defeat him?

When Linda Danvers takes a job at the local college library, she didn't think that she would have to become Supergirl - then again, she never reckoned with... The Living Library!

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