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  1. The Worthless Gold Mine (Superman) -- 2. It's So -- 3. The Kidnapped Girl (Pep Morgan) -- 4. Curios -- 5. Fire on Board (Black Pirate) -- 6. 1 -- 7. Dinky -- 8. The South American Indians (Three Aces) -- 9. Travel Talk -- 10. The Spider (Mr. America) -- 11. Forty Minutes to Go -- 12. The Panama Canal (Clip Carson) -- 13. The Inheritance (Zatara)
Superman: An elderly couple visit Lois at the Daily Planet seeking advice on their stocks in the Guybart gold mine. Although the stock is worthless, they were approached by a man wanting to buy it. Lois borrows the stock certificates so she can investigate, but while Lois is having lunch with Clark in a restaurant, a man bursts in and steals the stock from Lois's purse. Clark slips away and changes to Superman, chases the man in his car and recovers the stocks, but the man says he was hired by someone else to steal them. Lois decides to take a small plane up to the gold mine to investigate further, but en route the plane is attacked by another plane. Superman smashes the attacking plane to pieces, but the pilot says he too was hired by someone else to get the stocks from Lois. Resuming her flight, Lois arrives at the mine and is met by Brock Walters, owner of an adjacent mine, who drives Lois to the Guybart mine. Lois and Walters are attacked by two men in an armoured truck, but again Superman saves them. When Lois and Walters finally reach the mine, they enter to investigate, but Lois is trapped in a cave-in. As Superman saves her, he discovers that there are large deposits of gold in the mine so it appears not to be worthless after all. However, it turns out that Walters was the leader of a gang that was robbing other miners of their gold and was using the Guybart mine to store it. After a final showdown between Superman and the gang, the criminals are apprehended and Lois receives the reward for capturing them, which she donates to the elderly couple that got her started on the case.

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