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  1. The Coal Mine Heiress (Superman) -- 2. The Sailing Spies (Pep Morgan) -- 3. Trapped on the Junk (Black Pirate) -- 4. True-isms -- 5. The Treasure of Kublai Khan pt II (Three Aces) -- 6. Shorty -- 7. The Munitions Magnate (Mr. America) -- 8. Safe Passage -- 9. The Giant of the Lumberjacks (Clip Carson) -- 10. Peter and His Pup -- 11. It's a Fact -- 12. Danny Dubb -- 13. Get Zatara (Zatara)
Superman: Young Doris Laurey has just come of age and inherited her late father's coal mines, which she plans to run herself, with the help of her uncle. When Clark and Lois visit the mines trying to get an interview with Doris, they are thrown out by the guards. Clark is suspicious of Doris's uncle, so he returns to the mines as Superman and discovers that the uncle plans to kill Doris is a staged mining accident. While Doris is inspecting a new shaft, the uncle and his crony Crawford release a coal car down the track where it will hit and kill Doris. Superman arrives just in time to save her, but an explosion buries them in the mine. Superman digs them out and Doris returns to her uncle, not realizing he is the one behind the 'accidents'. The uncle tries again to kill Doris by offering her a poisoned drink, but again Superman arrives to save her. Laurey tricks Doris and Superman into entering a compression chamber in yet another attempt to kill them, but Superman breaks free. Finally, Laurey announces that he has set a time bomb in the main mine shaft and it will explode in 10 seconds, killing all the miners. Superman prevents the explosion just in time, and captures Laurey and Crawford.

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