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  1. The Lumber Millionaire's Will (Superman) -- 2. The Gas Rifle (Pep Morgan) -- 3. The Capture of the Queen of the Seas (Black Pirate) -- 4. The Treasure of Kublai Khan (Three Aces) -- 5. Just Like Junior -- 6. The Origin of Mr. America (Mr. America, a.k.a Tex Thomson) -- 7. Human Chessmen -- 8. Mr. Z. (Clip Carson) -- 9. Curios and Take My Word -- 10. The Platinum Idol (Zatara)
Superman: Lumber magnate Ken Hall draws up a will in which he donates all proceeds from his lumber camps to underprivileged youths. Shortly afterwards, Hall dies from a mysterious fall off a cliff. Hall's brother Brett challenges the will in court, but loses the case, so the proceeds should still go to the children. However, months afterwards, there is still no money forthcoming, and Hall's lumber camps are plagued by accidents and poor production.
Clark and Lois go to visit one of the camps and are taken across a river by a camp worker, Cliff. They meet the camp boss, Francois Bernier, and take jobs in the camp to try to learn what's going on. However, Bernier suspects them to be spies and orders Cliff to kill them. Cliff takes Lois back out onto the river in his boat, knocks her unconscious and throws her overboard into a whirlpool. Clark hear Lois call out, changes to Superman and saves her. Returning to the camp, Lois and Clark are locked up in a shack by Bernier, who then sets the shack on fire. Clark hypnotizes Lois so she will forget what she is about to see, then breaks out of the shack before it explodes. Superman follows Bernier back to the main office where he discovers that Brett Hall murdered his brother and sabotaged the camp so he could buy it cheaply. Brett shoots both Bernier and Cliff for failing him, but Superman intervenes before he can kill Lois.

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