adamwarlock's Action Comics #3 - World Against Superman review

Choppy pacing has ups and downs.

Grant Morrison is a genius.  This is not opinion; it is long-since confirmed fact.  So while there are aspects of this issue that don't play out in the most sensible fashion due to being presented in a choppy way that cuts around in time and space without absolute facts and a seemingly arbitrary, I'm sure Morrison knows what he is doing.  If things are coming out somewhat unclear, this is by his design and not due to editorial negligence.  It will be more smooth, or we will be able to appreciate it FOR its non-smoothness, once there's a completed storyline under this title's belt.  As it stands, while I'm not entirely sure I "get" the significance of all the jumps, I'm certainly intrigued.  By blending aspects of classic canon Superman continuity (the bottled city of Kandor, a reference to Krypto) with DC's "New 52" continuity, Morrison is creating a new title that can blaze its own path but by still honoring heritage and appeasing longtime readers.  Overall I feel this issue is the weakest so far due to the choppiness of the pacing, but like I said before, I'm sure it will hold up once there's a complete story.
My main gripe with this title is that it is a poor VALUE.  Action Comics is one of a few "New 52" titles with a $3.99 price point.  Whereas the others, such as "Men of War" have extra material in the form of backup features, "Action Comics" gets... a few pages of behind the scenes material that we'd be just as good waiting for the trade to see (this is a fairly common feature, after all).  And in THIS particular issue, we don't even get THAT; instead we get a few pages of interview publicity for OTHER Superman books.  While a $3.99 price point isn't so rare in this day and age, with most of Marvel's A-list titles sporting them, it grates at me that DC smacked that price point on this series after all the hubbub over "Drawing the Line at $2.99".  The $2.99 initiative made DC readers expectant of more WORTHWHILE content if a title is going to break the $2.99 barrier, and this issue had NOTHING worthwhile.  There are PLENTY of publicity interviews ALL OVER THE INTERNET FOR FREE.  It might have worked if there were separate $2,99 and $3.99 printings where those who actually care about the publicity package could have the option to purchase the "deluxe edition" of these issues... but as it stands, DC is forcing you to PAY for their own commercials.  LAME.

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