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Men of Steel 0

Clark Kent is having strange dreams about a world he doesn't remember and a threat he doesn't understand. Meanwhile, the police are on his tail, the world is rallying against Superman with the new evidence that he may be an alien invader, and someone is giving Clark information from the shadows about a ghost and a white dog. As the same threat that destroyed Kandor moves in on Earth, Superman will have to stand against the world and its villains, as well as an army of men made of steel.Written b...

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The Portions are Off 0

(This review contains minor spoilers.)People hate aliens. This time around, the citizens of Metropolis aren't very comfortable with their new savior's other-worldly origins.We get a taste of Krypton at the beginning of the issue. The exact cause of the planet's destruction appears to have been changed; it's only hinted at and while I'm in favor of changes to the status quo, this is the first alteration Morrison's made that I find questionable.This is Clark's issue. The last two installments were...

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The Socialist Superman in the World of Greed 0

I love this book. Issue #3 was my favorite yet. Clark’s rivalry with Glen Glenmorgan is at the heart of this series, and you have to understand it to appreciate it. In my opinion, the worst trait humanity carries from generation to generation is greed. It’s at the heart of the greatest injustices on the face of this planet. In the Congo, rebel factions tear each other to pieces over conflict minerals that power our favorite electronics while the people live in extreme fear and poverty. One of th...

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Def the Superman book to be reading 0

The book starts off with a flashback to Krypton and them comes back to, say, a few days after issue #2. Apparently the guy that Superman messed with in issue #1 is a very powerful dude who has Metropolis and its cops in his pocket. It's a lesson for Supes about how today's media would react to a Superman. I've said it before, this is Grant Morrison really exploring how we'd react to Superman if he existed in the 2000s. It really is a great read, even if the action-y parts don't come until the en...

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A third superman introduction story 0

So what can be said about this issue?We see the end of KryptonWe see that the person Clark is renting from knows he's SupermanWe see that the Daily Planet is owned by a group Perry White would never work forWe see corrupt CopsWe see the public's Reaction to Superman... which was badly done with the saving the cat scene. Anyone around would have seen that the truck would have killed the girl and a crowd wouldn't have been able to form that fast... We also see Clark is careless in this scene.We se...

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Choppy pacing has ups and downs. 0

Grant Morrison is a genius.  This is not opinion; it is long-since confirmed fact.  So while there are aspects of this issue that don't play out in the most sensible fashion due to being presented in a choppy way that cuts around in time and space without absolute facts and a seemingly arbitrary, I'm sure Morrison knows what he is doing.  If things are coming out somewhat unclear, this is by his design and not due to editorial negligence.  It will be more smooth, or we will be able to appreciate...

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Reflection on a Hero 0

So that's what Superman has needed all this time; Grant Morrison. After his work on Batman, I was imagining the labyrinthine confusion he could bring to Superman's continuity, but rather then complicate, Morrison has taken it upon himself to streamline the Man of Steel. We are already here at issue 3 in Grant's new arc and I've seen more drama and characterization (not to mention action and heart) then I've seen in the last three years of the comic.World Against Superman shows our hero receiving...

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love him or hate him 0

What works for me… The way Superman is drawn is just great in my opinion, I love how powerful he looks while still tieing him to the everyday with the jeans and the T-shirt. Really well executed and in fact exactly how I like to see Superman, a little more powered-down to our level so the battles he faces are on a scale my mind can comprehend. When the foes get too all-consuming because his powers are so great it can cross the line a bit for me. This less powerful Superman seems a bit more grown...

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Where is timid Clark Kent? 0

This is a review of Action Comics issue 3. This issue is about Clark Kent adjusting not working for the Daily Planet anymore and the world being against Superman....

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Action Comics #3 0

Action Comics #3By Grant MorrisonArt by Rags Morales, Gene Ha, and Rick BryantAction Comics #3 is, well for the sake of redundancy, the third installment of the Action Comics series following Superman in is early adventures. In the past two issues I have been very reluctant to jump on board with the superman, but let's just say I'm working on it, and my psychiatrist says it's because I suffer from Assholiosis. A condition that makes me resent any drastic changes to my life that I consider balanc...

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Action Comics: The New Good Ole Days 0

What's going on in Action Comics right now is really worth checking out. In a lot of ways, this reboot takes Superman back to his beginnings. Generations have grown up thinking of Clark Kent manifesting his powers in Smallville and being Superboy, or God, even Superbaby. But it wasn't always that way. One of the interesting things that writers of other mediums - and I'm largely thinking of George Lowther who wrote for the Superman radio shows as well as the first Superman novel - did was make Su...

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How Do You Rebuild a Legend? 0

The Good: I'm surprised at how well this cover works. Superman backed into a corner, even though he's not in the far corner, he's got the bright colors that subtly highlight him as the focus your eyes are drawn to. Also the little details put in to make this crowd a group of distinct average Americans rather than a formless mass of rioting. This is the general way that multiple artists works! Gene Ha draws the segment of Krypton's final hours, and Rags Morales is the consistent artist for the ma...

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A Whole Planet of Super Hot Guys 0

Last issue (review#2) Superman escaped from the military base to return to his apartment in Metropolis.this issue starts off with Clark reliving the last moments of Krypton in a dream...Good:There's a white dog/ ghost watching over you? What does that mean? A look at superman's origins has been expected for some time now. It also does a great job of showing Clark second guessing if what he is doing is really any good. Fortunately his land lady gives him a little reassurance (otherwise this would...

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