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  1. The Strong-Man Robberies -- 2. The Southpaw -- 3. The Chase -- 4. The Whole Story -- 5. The Easter Island Gods -- 6. The Gorrah's Blackmail Racket -- 7. The Hollywood Jewel Theft Ring -- 8. The Gringo Gang.
Superman: Metropolis is being plagued by a strongman in a leopard skin who is staging a series of robberies. When Lois and Clark see that Herculo, the strongman in a circus visiting Metropolis, fits the description of the thief, they visit the circus to investigate. When they meet Herculo, he challenges Superman to a fight, so Clark slips away and returns as Superman. After defeating Herculo as part of the circus performance, Superman discovers that the circus clown was the previous strongman and now dresses up as Herculo to stage the robberies. The clown tries to escape by hurling the ringmaster into a flaming tank, but while Superman saves the ringmaster, the real Herculo knocks out the clown.

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