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The Brentwood Rehabilitation Home -- The Track Meet Fix -- Fight to the Finish -- No Greater Courage -- The Blue Raider -- The Return of the Gorrah!! -- Shoes, Hardware, Meats -- Hollywood Advisor -- Busy Signal -- The Vanished Explorer.
Superman: Clark is amazed when Lois agrees to go on a date with him. As he calls at her house he finds her on the phone pledging a donation to the Brentwood Rehabilitation Home for wayward boys. Clark says he's heard bad things about the home but Lois doesn't believe him, so instead of going on their date, they drive out to the home for a tour. The home's owners, Mr and Mrs Tweed, impress Clark and Lois with the facilities but just as they are leaving, one of the boys, Davey Merrill, climbs over the wall to talk to them. He claims the Tweeds maltreat the boys and use them as slave labour to produce goods that they sell for profit.
Lois wants to return to the home to gather evidence, but Clark feigns cowardice so he can slip away and change into Superman. As Lois and Davey re-enter the home, they narrowly escape an attack from Black Satan, the watchdog, but are captured by the Tweeds inside the home. Davey is put in a small locker as punishment and Lois is locked in a cell in the basement.
Superman returns to the home and, after freeing Davey and Lois, takes on Mr Tweed. Tweed tries to defeat Superman with various attacks but Superman is unaffected. However, Mrs Tweed has recaptured Lois and together the Tweeds tie her to a table with a circular saw, threatening to cut her in half unless Superman leaves them alone. Superman disables the saw and captures the Tweeds as they are trying to escape in an elevator.

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