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Superman - "The Superman of the Future!"

What would Superman look like if he lived in the year of 100,000 A.D.? By a twist of fate, the world finds out one day and sees the remarkable way evolution has changed the Man of Steel, when he becomes... "The Superman of the Future!"

Congorilla - "Janu, the Joker of the Jungle!"

Until now, only adult minds have inhabited the body of the amazing man-ape known as Congorilla! But what would happen if, suddenly, a boy's mind took over the body of the huge gorilla? Moreover, what if that young mind were full of mischief? The result is funnier than a cage full of monkeys, as Congo Bill's young pal becomes... "Janu, the Joker of the Jungle!"

Supergirl - The Great Supergirl Mirage!

In Metropolis, Lois Lane is the one who tries to expose Clark Kent as Superman! During his boyhood in Smallville, Superboy had to outwit Lana Lang! Now Supergirl too, has to protect her secret identity of Linda Lee, at Midvale orphanage, from a boy snooper! The Only hope of the Girl of Steel is to prove she doesn't even exist, in... The Great Supergirl Mirage!







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