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They should have called it...MEH

Spoilers for this issue on inside so look out. I'm reading all the Villain Month issues for the new reader perspective. Of course I know about Lex, but then again who doesn't? I was really looking forward to this one.

The Good:

Lex is certainly Lex, you get to see him slowly build up a plan piece by piece and then watch it all come together in a really tricky little way. Lex is also very in character here, being arrogant and smug and it's just fun to read him. It's nice seeing a day in the life of Lex Luthor even if such a thing has been done before(and better). It's nice seeing Lex quietly react to Superman's disappearance here.

The Bad:
There's no explanation for how Lex got released from prison outside of "lawyers" which feels like a cop out to me. Also it's strange seeing Lex who goes out of his way to keep himself from being directly involved with evil plans just push his secretary off a building for not being completely loyal. Really this issue fills in the blanks for before the Forever Evil issue and really said blanks aren't that enjoyable.


Pretty "meh" issue for me, honestly disappointing for me. If you're reading Forever Evil this is a good issue to look into and if you really need a Lex fix then this should keep you satisfied for a bit.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

I really enjoyed this issue, though I can see why someone who hasn't been following DC title would feel it's meh. The Lex getting out of jail though was started in Trinity War, and apparently his lawyers found a loophole or something like that that acquitted him of his charges.

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