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It Takes a Superman to Stop a War

Like my review of Action Comics #1, I'll only be reviewing the Superman feature because I am reading this issue through the Superman Chronicles series. So sorry for those of you who came to see how the Zatara story inside was.

OK now that we got that settled on with the review of Action Comics #2 which takes place right where Action Comics #1 left off: torturing a corrupt senator! Fun! Anyway after noticing that the senator learned his lesson he takes off to hunt down the lobbyist which was associated with the senator: Emil Norvell. When he breaks into Norvell's room he is confronted against armed goons which Norvell thought would through Superman off. After the goons were taking care of Superman brought Norvell to the docks where he tells Emil that he'll ride the steamer going to San Monte and if he doesn't he'll come a rip his heart out. How pleasant of Superman! And think of all of the fun "Man of Steel" haters would find in this book! Anyway we go to the next day where Superman as Clark Kent goes on the boat heading to San Monte with Lois Lane and after this crazy hijinks go all over including Superman and Norvell enlisting in the war and Lois Lane almost being executed after being framed. Of course, Superman saves Lois and takes Emil out of the war as long as Emil promises to quit manufacturing munitions. This book then ends with Superman resolving the war by having the two sides talk it out with each other.

Overall this is a excellent 2nd part to the Superman introduction story. Once again, Jerry Siegel (or Jerome in which he list himself in this book) crafted a great, exciting story featuring both action and his views on serious topics while still being a fun read. A interesting thing to note is the next year WWII would begin and the reaction to war in this book were the same for many Americans when the topic of getting into Europe's conflicts would begin. The art by Joe Shuster was great with the story as well. The cover by Leo O'Mealia was a interesting one though not pertaining to Superman. Instead I think it was Tex Thompson who was the focus of this cover. I was very impressed by this issue and the last issue. Also a very interesting little ad at the end of this story. At the end of the story there is a ad advertising for a Superman newspaper strip to run in local newspaper. Apparently all the kid reading had to do was right a letter to DC offices. I found this amazing how it's only been one month and Superman is making his way into the newspaper strip.

When I picked up The Superman Chronicles at the library I didn't think these old Golden Age Superman comics would be so good as Superman didn't really have that many interesting/classic/serious threat villains that came around during this time. They had what? Lex Luthor, Mr. Mxy, and Toyman. Where as over at Batman during this period in comic history they were giving us Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow, and other classic foes. However I was wrong. These Action Comics issues proved me wrong showing that these Superman stories did not need a entertaining powerful villain in them. It was much more fun to watch a man with god like powers beating up average criminals. It was also nice to see Superman dealing with some real issues and still make them fun. If modern comics ever want to take real issues, I suggest the writer look back at these. They did in a superb way, in my opinion as it still kept it's fun. Hopefully the rest of Superman comics in the Golden Age are like this in this upcoming age of comics.

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