dark_noldor's Action Comics #15 - Superman At The End of Days; For My Next Trick... review

Someone's past can kill your future

This is another great example of how to mix absurdity, complex multi-reality narrative, confusion, fun and action across the time continuum and also make a great narrative out of it, this issue has Grant Morrison stamp all over it and it's great stuff! We get to see that Ms. Nyxly was a big deal and the whole discovery of Kal's identity (I believe it was in issue three of this series) totally connects with the big scope Morrison was architeting on delivering in this issue and in the next. We get to see a Superman in despair, being hunted by someone's envy, hatred and jealousy. We get to see, at least to me it was a first (though in the Justice League cartoon of the 80s I loved the character), an amazing and interesting interpretation of Mr. Mxyzptlk true origins, motives and how his fondess for Superman is proving to be the hero's downfall. I totally dig the time continuum narrative of this issue, the fact that for someone's past can be other's future and vice versa, the way Morrison plays with these concepts and notions is brilliant. Rags Morales and Brad Walker were very good in this issue, I really liked the flashback (or future) story of Ms. Nyxly. The back story pencilled by Chris Sprouse was also great! This isn't a standart and common comic book, this demands a diferent taste, so not everyone will enjoy this book, but if you like Morrison's style of narrative, this is sure the thing for you! Highly recommended!!


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