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  1. 50 Ways to Kill Superman (Superman) -- 2. Volcano Vandals (Congo Bill) -- 3. World of Wishes (Zatara) -- 4. Jerry Jitterbug -- 5. The Stolen Beaver (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. The Color Wheel of Crime (Vigilante)

Cover: Superman relaxes on the ocean while crooks throw harpoons at him, to no avail. Don't try this at home! 

 Fifty of Metropolis's crime kings have arranged a rendezvous out at sea to discuss ways of dealing with Superman. As luck would have it, while they are there a volcanic eruption causes a new island to emerge from the sea right beside them. The crooks claim the island as their own and use it as their headquarters.
To choose a leader for the island, the crooks arrange a contest to see who can find a way of killing Superman. They set up a board with 50 possible ways and each crook in turn must choose one of the methods and try it.
Superman investigates the island and overhears their plans, but decides to actually help them in their attempts, although he puts a mysterious ring on his finger before doing so. Naturally, all physical attacks on Superman fail, but the last attempt is to make Superman die of a broken heart, by killing Lois.
Lois is kidnapped and taken to the island outside US jurisdiction, but of course just as the crooks are about to kill her, Superman saves her. Finally he apprehends all the crooks on the island and then carries the entire island back to Lake Erie so they are within the US.
The crooks still think they are safe since Superman has no evidence that they tried to kill him, but then he reveals that his ring contains a miniature camera and all their attempts are recorded on film.







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