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  1. The Super Sideshow (Superman)
  2. Captain Tootsie
  3. Butterfly Booty (Congo Bill)
  4. Mischievous Morton
  5. Mail Order Magic (Zatara)
  6. Shorty
  7. Daffy & Doodle
  8. Curtain Time for the Mystery Crimes (Vigilante)


A new Dime Museum showing exhibits from circus freaks has opened, and it's owned by the freaks themselves so they are struggling to make a go of it. However, Charlie Carson, the museum's "barker" (someone who encourages people to come in to the museum) is crooked, and makes a business proposition to Henry Hulbert, a shady promoter.

Carson says he will promise acts that the freaks can't deliver, and thus get them shut down as frauds so that Hulbert can take over. When Lois hears of Carson's plans, she brings in Superman to help out.

Lois gets Superman to promise that he will find a way to make all the promised acts actually happen, and his first challenge is to allow Lois to sit in the middle of a raging fire. Superman does this by building a giant bellows to blow cold air on her.

Next, Carson promises an entire room of walking skeletons, so Superman builds a giant x-ray tube to shine on the crooks themselves.

Finally, Carson promises a group of human flies that can walk on the ceiling. Noting that the crooks are wearing steel bullet-proof jackets, he builds a giant magnet on the roof and makes the crooks themselves walk on the ceiling.







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