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  1. Superman vs. Atlas
  2. Wits For Weapons (Congo Bill)
  3. Daffy & Doodle
  4. The Museum Vandals (Zatara)
  5. Shorty
  6. Playful Pop
  7. The Man of 1,000 Brands (Vigilante).

Cover: Atlas throws a large globe of the Earth at Superman.

Superman: On an expedition to Greece, archaeologists discover the tomb of Atlas, famed for holding up the Earth in antiquity. Miraculously, they find Atlas himself in suspended animation, and once his tomb is opened he reawakens.

When Atlas is told that Superman is the strongest man alive, he is determined to challenge him in tests of strength. One of the archaeologists, William Sharp, offers to be his teacher in the modern world, and sets up the challenge.

Atlas and Superman engage in several spectacular contests, with Atlas winning every one. Suspicious, Superman tracks Atlas to his home after the contests and discovers that Sharp is planning to use Atlas to extort protection money from local people.

Investigating further, Superman discovers that Atlas is really just a normal man who is a circus strongman. He was paid to act the part, all his feats of strength were done by hidden machinery. Seeing the error of his ways, Atlas helps Superman apprehend Sharp.







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