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  1. Superman, Stunt Man! -- 2. High-Water Peril! (Congo Bill) -- 3. Cabbie Casey -- 4. The Animated Antiques! (Zatara) -- 5. The Horse Nobody Could Ride! (Vigilante) -- 6. Captain Tootsie Tames a Tornado -- 7. Homer
Superman: Eccentric movie producer Mike Foss wants to make a movie with 'stupendiferous' stunts in it so he is determined to hire Superman. That evening, when Superman shows up at a charity event he is besieged by autograph hunters, and signs dozens of autographs at super-speed. What Superman doesn't notice, however, is that one of the crowd is Foss who got Superman to sign a contract to produce three movies for him.
Unhappy at being tricked, Superman is determined to fulfill his contract but in a way that does Foss no good. His first stunt is to jump between two aircraft in flight, which he does at super-speed so the camera doesn't see him.
Angered by this, Foss is determined that Superman's next stunt will be recorded on film. He gets Superman to swim up Niagara Falls, but he must take 10 minutes to do it so the camera can record him. Superman does this by spinning rapidly as he swims up, so that he heats the water and produces so much steam that he is hidden in the fog.
Foiled again, Foss devises a final scene in which he believes Superman can't hide: he is to film a love scene with current movie bombshell Lydia Heartache. The scene seems to go flawlessly, but when Foss views the film, he finds it is fogged, as Superman used his X-ray vision to overexpose the picture.  







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