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  1. Christmastown, USA (Superman)
  2. Birds Out of Hand (Zatara)
  3. (Little Ozzie)
  4. Christmas on the Congo (Congo Bill)
  5. Daffy & Doodle
  6. A Singular Swap (Hayfoot Henry)
  7. Shorty
  8. A Lesson For The Teacher (Vigilante)
  9. Casey the Cop.

Cover: It's Superman, not Santa who came down the chimney, surprising even Saint Nick himself!

Christmastown looks set for a bleak Christmas as flooding sets in, and the grandson of the town's founding family, the Osbornes, is missing on his way to the town to play Santa Claus.

Back in Metropolis, Perry assigns Lois and Clark to cover the Christmastown festival, unaware of the tragedy striking the town. Upon arrival, Clark manages to separate from Lois so he can turn into Superman and save the day.

Superman chops down trees and builds a large Christmas ark, which he plans to sail down the flooded river to bring relief aid and toys to the stranded inhabitants of the valley.

Meanwhile, down in the valley, Lois has discovered the missing Osborne, who got caught in the flood and bumped his head, giving him amnesia. As Superman's ark sails past, the sight of Christmas restores his memory and he is reunited with his family.

To cap off the Christmas spirit, Superman blows some clouds over the area and makes it snow (although it's not obvious that is something a flood-stricken town would welcome...)

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