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  1. The Wish That Came True (Superman) -- 2. The Treasure Trap (Congo Bill) -- 3. The Toys that Saved the Town (Zatara) -- 4. That Wonderful Place (Hayfoot Henry) -- 5. Little Ozzie -- 6. The Man Who Stole the Rainbow (Vigilante)
 Seven year old Arthur Parrish is the son of famous jewel expert Amos Parrish, and lives in the Parrish estate outside Metropolis. Arthur idolizes Superman and, one day, writes a letter inviting Superman to come for a visit. He "posts" the letter in an old tree trunk, but a crow steals the letter.
Later, the crow is shot by a farmhand on a farm near the Parrish estate. The farmhand reads the letter and dresses up as Superman to pay Arthur a visit. Once inside, he opens the safe and steals a bag full of jewels. Arthur is devastated to discover that his idol is a common thief, and vows to track down Superman and make him return the jewels, so he runs away from the estate.
Eventually, Arthur makes his way to the Planet office and tells his story. Superman returns him to his father and decides to find the real thief to put Arthur's mind at rest. First, he tries disguising himself and visiting various pawn shops but can't find the jewels.
Investigating further back at the Parrish estate, Superman discovers the tree trunk and a crow feather nearby, so deduces that the crow made off with Arthur's letter, and thus that the real thief must live near to the estate.
To force the thief to reveal himself, Superman builds a smoky fire out of wet leaves and uses the smoke to fake a tornado. Nearby residents salvage their valuables and head for safety, where Superman discovers the jewels on the farmhand.

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