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  1. The Man Who Was Honest (Superman) -- 2. Floating Gold (Congo Bill) -- 3. The Canines and the Crooks (Zatara) -- 4. Dr. Specs -- 5. The Goshawful Ghost (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. Jerry the Jitterbug -- 7. Wheels of Danger (Vigilante).

Cover: A giant Superman holds a magnifying glass over various citizens. 

 After attending a lecture by criminal psychologist Dr Carl Sand, Lois writes a feature in the Planet reporting Sand as saying there isn't a single honest man in Metropolis. When the article sparks a lot of interest and causes offence, Lois is assigned to try to find someone who is completely honest.
With Superman's help, she visits several people, but they all fall short of the required standard until they visit photographer Sam Nichols, who seems completely honest, but isn't interested in being interviewed. 
As Superman and Lois leave Nichols's studio, they notice three gangsters going in to visit him. They think nothing of it at the time, as the gangsters aren't currently wanted by the police, but the next day, a diamond cutter's shop is bombed and robbed, and a witness claims to have heard one of the robbers use the name of the gangsters.
Superman realizes the gangsters had visited the photographer to get themselves photographed in front of the Planet building showing a date and time to give them an alibi. He tracks them to their lair and claims that Nichols's testimony will convict them.
The gangsters, obviously, decide they need to dispose of Nichols and destroy the photographic evidence, but Superman arranges for Nichols to photograph the gangsters instead.







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