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  1. Cameras in the Clouds! (Superman) -- 2. The Quest for Life! (Congo Bill) -- 3. Twin Magic (Zatara) -- 4. Tiny -- 5. Who's Zoo? (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. Pop Gunn Shoots the Works! (Vigilante)
Superman: The story opens with two army cameramen filming a battle against Japan during WW2. After winning medals for their documentary work, the two men set up GI Newsreels back in Metropolis, and have a knack of scooping the big-name newsreel companies by getting footage of news stories before anyone else.
The FBI takes an interest, and the two cameramen disclose their secret to them (but not yet to the reader). As they are leaving the FBI building, Clark intercepts them for an interview, but as they are talking on the street, a truck hired by the newsreel company pulls up and kidnaps all three of them. The kidnappers try to force them to disclose their secret but Clark manages to lift the truck off the ground from the inside by pretending to put his hands up when threatened with a gun. Clark lands the truck in the middle of a police parade, and the kidnappers are captured.
The next day, Superman is giving Lois a flight to work, when Lois notices a blimp in the sky advertising a perfume that doesn't exist. Superman and Lois pay the blimp a visit and discover the GI newsmen inside, where their secret of getting scoops is revealed. They use the blimp to visit places where news is breaking, and film the news from above using a telescope. Realizing they can't keep the secret forever, they allow Lois to write up a story on them in the Planet.
When the newsreel company reads about their method, they try to sabotage the GIs by getting their film supplier to sell them blank film. Unsuspecting, the GIs use this dud film to film Superman putting out an oil well fire. When they discover the film is useless, Superman refilms it by flying faster than light to overtake the light rays from the story, and then filming the story again from outer space using a telescope he built at super-speed.
The newsreel company makes one last try to get a scoop by blowing up a statue in a Metropolis park that the police were going to remove later anyway. Superman tells the GIs to film the company planting the charges themselves, without ensuring the safety of the public, and when this is revealed to the cinemas they refuse to do business with an irresponsible newsreel company.







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