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  1. The Great Crasher! (Superman) -- 2. The Fight That Couldn't Be Won! (Congo Bill) -- 3. The Baker and the Jailbird! (Zatara) -- 4. Willy -- 5. The Triumph of Taffy! (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. The Town That Roared Again! (Vigilante).

On the cover: The Man of Steel protects a man by getting molten iron poured on him. 

Superman: Lois and Clark are visiting the circus when they witness a man calling himself The Great Crasher trying to get into the circus for free. The Crasher is about to be beaten up by the circus people when Clark feigns cowardice and slips away to change to Superman. He saves the Crasher from the circus people and tries to convince him to become honest and pay for admission, but the Crasher refuses.
Later, Clark and Lois discover that the Crasher did get into the circus for free after all, by disguising himself in an ape costume (although the Crasher says he rented the ape costume, which would surely have cost more than the circus admission, but anyway...) Clark interviews him and publishes an exclusive on the Crasher in the Planet.
The scene switches to the headquarters of Mugsy Maroon, where his gang is getting disgruntled with him as he has been unable to come up with a decent job for a while. Maroon then spots Clark's article and gets the idea of coercing the Crasher into getting him into rich mansions so he can steal paintings and jewellery. 
When the Crasher tries to get into a boxing match by hiding inside a trunk, Maroon's gang hijacks the trunk and takes the Crasher back to headquarters, where they "convince" him to work for them. His first job is to get the gang into Terry Gleason's mansion so they can steal a classic painting. The Crasher disguises Maroon's men as comic acrobats and while they are performing, Maroon manages to steal the painting.
Next day, the Crasher gets Maroon's gang into a wedding so they can steal a priceless necklace, but this time as they are escaping, they are intercepted by Superman. Maroon blames the failure of the job on the Crasher and gives him one more chance: to distract Superman while they steal a shipment of jewels that is being guarded at an army base. The Crasher gets one of Maroon's mob to pretend he's been shot so Superman has to rush him to hospital, and Superman pretends to fall for the ruse, but returns in time to foil the robbery and capture the remainder of Maroon's gang. The Crasher, meanwhile, promises to go straight from now on.







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