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  6. Ride Him, Vigilante (Vigilante).

On cover: Superman busts through a wall (way before Kool-Aid Man was even born) to get a crook with a bunch of loot. 

1. 'Journey Into Ruin' starring Superman: As Clark is walking on a Metropolis street one day, he spots scam artist Wilbur Wolfingham trying to entice a cat to come to him. The cat doesn't trust Wilbur and climbs a pole. When Wilbur attempts to follow the cat up the pole, he slips and falls, so Superman has to save him. Eventually Wilbur succeeds in capturing the cat and walks off, leaving Superman mystified as to his motives. When Superman follows Wilbur back to his house, he sees four rich men and women arriving, carrying a stuffed cat in a glass jar...
Once inside, Wilbur reveals his plan. In exchange for $250,000 from each of his wealthy patrons, Wilbur offers to put them to sleep for 25 years and invest their millions in the meantime, so that when they wake up they will be even richer. To prove his scheme works, he had given the stuffed cat to the millionaires five years earlier, and now he plans to bring it back to life. Covered by a blinding flash of electricity, Wilbur switches the live cat he captured earlier for the stuffed cat in the glass jar, and when the sparks die down, it looks as though he resurrected the dead cat.

His patrons are impressed and agree to pay him the money. Wilbur leads them into a room with four beds and puts them to sleep with anaesthetic gas. Superman, who has been watching all this with his x-ray vision, realizes that the gas will put them to sleep only for 24 hours, and that Wilbur plans to take the money and disappear. Superman forces Wilbur to breathe his own gas and he falls asleep.
Meanwhile, Superman moves Wilbur's house to a remote location and at super-speed, builds a representation of Metropolis as it might appear in 25 years. When the 5 people awaken, Superman appears as a grey-haired old man, and takes them outside to show them a city fallen into ruin and decay. The reason, he tells them, is because everyone became enticed with the idea of going to sleep for years and awakening to collect a fortune from their savings. As a result, nobody was left to do any work and maintain society. 
The four people realize that rewards cannot be obtained without effort and regret entering into the scheme in the first place, so Superman offers to return them to the present and give them a second chance to use their lives properly. They accept gladly and Superman demolishes the model city at super-speed, and returns the house to its original location. Even Wilbur promises to go straight, but Superman forces him to return the money he scammed off the four people and he faces an impoverished future. 

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Superman Stories Become Parables 0

This Superman story is typical of what became of Superman following Jerry Siegel's departure. It introduces Wilbur Wolfingham, a comedic con man who will become a recurring character in Action Comics. Little thought is given to what (if any) limits there are to Superman's knowledge or abilities, and the art is best described as 'perfunctory'. Most of the effort seems to be focused on creating a ' Twilight Zone'-ish parable, wherein Superman teaches the con man, and his v...

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