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  1. His Lordship, Clark Kent! (Superman) -- 2. Mister Grumble -- 3. Pirate Seas! (Congo Bill) -- 4. Doctor of Danger! (Zatara) -- 5. Snowed Out! (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. Penthouse Pirates! (Vigilante) -- 7. Captain Tootsie.

On cover: Superman is knighted, but the king didn't use a hard enough sword, for it broke over Superman's head! 

Superman: Clark arrives at the Planet one day and is shocked to hear that a visitor from England claims that he is really the long-lost Bertram Keith-Innes Fyffe, heir to the barony of Edgestream and an inheritance of £5,000,000. Clark tries to deny it, but Perry orders him and Lois to England to cover the story, whether it is true or not. (For the purposes of this story, Clark really is unsure about his ancestry, as he knows only that he was adopted as an orphan by the Kents, and not where he actually came from.)
Upon arrival in England, Clark goes to the deathbed of Lord Edgestream, who says that whether or not Clark is the real Bertram Fyffe, he wants him to inherit the estate since the other heir, Julian Fyffe, is a scoundrel. Clark reluctantly agrees, and then Lord Edgestream breathes his last.
Julian, of course, is not content to let matters rest, and plans to kill Clark so he can get the inheritance. His first attempt is during a fox hunt, where he cuts through a saddle binding in an attempt to throw Clark from his horse. However, by mistake, Lois gets the sabotaged saddle and is thrown, but saved by Superman before the horse can trample her. Later, in the Edgestream castle, Clark discovers a photo of Bertram taken when he was a baby, and finds that Bertram has a star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder. Since Clark has no such birthmark, he realizes that he is not the real Bertram. 
Some days later, Clark is petitioned by Eddie Pike, one of the workers in mines owned by the Edgestreams, to improve the safety of the mines. In the house of Lords, Clark attempts to get a law passed to do just that.
After meeting the King and Queen during a procession in London, Superman must prevent another attempt on "Bertram's" life during a boat race on the Thames. Finally, Clark and Lois meet Eddie Pike and are given a tour of the mines. However, Julian and his henchmen have rigged one of the mine shafts with explosives and plan to blow up Clark and Eddie during the tour, ridding themselves of both problems at once. When the party is down in the mines, Julian sets off the explosives and buries them underground. After the explosion, Eddie Pike's shirt is ripped and Clark sees that Eddie has the star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder, so he must be the long-lost Bertram.
In the darkness underground, Clark switches to Superman and burrows out of the cave-in. After capturing Julian and his henchmen, Superman tells Eddie that he is the true heir to the Edgestream fortune, but Eddie doesn't want to move away from the townsfolk with whom he grew up. So Superman moves the Edgestream castle to the miners' town, and rebuilds the flimsy, wooden miners' houses out of stone so the whole town gets an upgrade.







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