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  1. The Man Who Hated Christmas! (Superman) -- 2. They Wanted Wings! (Zatara) -- 3. Captain Tootsie Saves the Sailplane -- 4. Operation Hippo! (Congo Bill) -- 5. The Vindictive Vixens! (Hayfoot Henry) -- 6. Little Arthur -- 7. Truth Comes to Gila Gap! (Vigilante).

Cover: Superman tries to get Santa to fit through the chimney.

Superman: Millionaire Jasper Rasper hates Christmas and fires his janitor, Cartwright, just because he wishes him a Merry Christmas. Later, he concocts a plan to sabotage Christmas itself. He has his lab chemists devise a chemical that, when eaten, causes fatty tissue to multiply at an enormous rate. He coats a box of chocolates with the chemical and flies to the North Pole in a helicopter to give the chocolates to Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, because he has lost his job, Cartwright is unable to pay his rent, and his landlady, Mrs O'Malley takes Cartwright's story to the Planet as an entry in their "meanest deed I ever heard of" contest. Clark is given the job of investigating O'Malley's story and learns of Rasper's plan from his secretary.

Superman rushes to the North Pole, but is too late, as he finds Santa Claus asleep, with his waistline so big that he can't fit down chimneys. Superman gets Santa on a crash weight-reduction programme and manages to reduce his weight in time for Christmas Eve. However, they reckoned without Rasper's backup plan, and discover that he has drugged Santa's reindeer as well.

To save Christmas, Superman substitutes for the reindeer by flying Santa's sleigh around the world. On their journey, they discover Rasper and his helicopter stranded on an iceberg. When Superman rescues Rasper, Rasper sees the error of his ways over the years and, like Scrooge, becomes a kind and generous man, giving Cartwright his job back.

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