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  1. Candytown, U.S.A. (Superman & Prankster : Prankster wants to build a Candy Town for the kids, but make the candy taste awful! Can Superman stop this not very sweet crook?) -- 2. The Cross-Word Puzzle Quest (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. Scallions for Scoundrels (Congo Bill) -- 4. Crossed Trails -- 5. Marshall Vigilante-1872 (Vigilante) -- 6. The Perilous Pen.

Cover: The Prankster has Superman trapped in a fence of Candy Canes. Is he no match for this Candyman? 

Superman: The Prankster is back, but is having trouble coming up with an idea for a crime worthy of his inflated ego until he hits on an idea involving the candy company run by Mr Sweetooth. Paying Sweetooth a visit, Prankster proposes a business partnership with him. Prankster suggests that Sweetooth build a theme park called Candytown, which will attract kids and boost sales. In return Prankster wants only a 25% share of Sweetooth's increased profits. Unable to see any holes in the deal, Sweetooth agrees, and construction of Candytown begins.
Meanwhile, back at Prankster's headquarters, Superman overhears Prankster telling his thugs his real plan. He has been offered the rival candy company, Goody Co, for only $5,000 since it is going broke. Prankster plans to spike the candy used in Candytown by making it taste bitter, while building his own rival theme park called Goodytown. He hopes to ruin Candytown and capture all its customers.
When Candytown is finished, a crowd gathers for its grand opening. However, Superman shows up and demolishes Candytown before anyone can get in. After the destruction, Superman explains to Sweetooth why he destroyed Candytown and what Prankster's plan is, but meanwhile, Prankster has loaded all the kids onto buses and is taking them to Goodytown.
Superman rebuilds Candytown at super-speed using proper candy, but Sweetooth still thinks he is ruined since Prankster has stolen all his customers. However, Superman takes Sweetooth over to Goodytown, where it is revealed that Prankster himself has been scammed, since Sweetooth owns the supposedly bankrupt Goody Co, and Prankster's purchase of Goody Co is invalid.

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