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  1. Mr. Mxyztplk and His Wonderful Lamp (Superman) -- 2. A Logical Wrangle (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. Congo U.S.A. (Congo Bill) -- 4. Kafloppo -- 5. Swan Song for Outlaws (Vigilante) -- 6. Daffy and Doodle -- 7. Antics About Ancestors (Zatara).

Cover: Superman is Mr. Mxyztplk's genie? What sort of wishes can he grant? 

Superman:   A couple of tramps are walking through the millionaires' district of Metropolis, wishing they could live in a big house. As luck would have it, Mr Mxyztplk is visiting Metropolis and poses as the owner of a mansion. He invites the tramps in and writes a document supposedly granting them ownership. Later, when the real owner, banker O. Whilom Potts, returns home he tries to kick the tramps out of his house but they try to evict him instead. Clark is walking past the mansion at the time so changes to Superman and saves Potts. The tramps show the "deed" to Superman to try to convince him they really own the mansion, but the deed is simply a note laughing at Superman and signed Mxyztplk.
As the tramps leave disappointed, Superman drops an idle comment that wishes come true only if they had Aladdin's lamp. Mxyztplk overhears the remark and decides to make Aladdin's lamp come true. On a busy Metropolis street, he makes everyone's wishes, no matter how idle or daft, come true, resulting in chaos.
Superman shows up and tries to convince Mxyztplk to stop granting wishes, but he refuses to take responsibility for doing only what stupid people ask him to. Superman makes a deal with Mxyztplk to grant Lois three wishes with the power to take one of them back, claiming that Lois can outsmart him. Mxyztplk agrees, so Lois wishes first that Mxyztplk use only three-dimensional powers, then that he jump into a vat of hot tar, and then that the tar turns to steel.
With Mxyztplk trapped, Superman throws the steel block around trying to convince Mxyztplk to give up and leave, but he refuses to be moved until Superman threatens to melt down the steel block in a foundry. Finally he agrees to leave provided Lois renounces the wish prohibiting him from using his multi-dimensional powers.







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