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  1. The Sleuth Who Never Failed (Superman) -- 2. The Rhyming Horse (Hayfoot Henry) -- 3. The Case of the Captive Seals (Congo Bill) -- 4. Untitled -- 5. [Untitled] Daffy & Doodle -- 6. The Book That Was Too Real (Vigilante) -- 7.Magic-Past or Present (Zatara)

Superman: One day at the Planet, Clark is visited by a curious Englishman who claims to know that Clark is Superman. The man is Inspector Hawkins of Scotland Yard, who has an impeccable record of solving difficult cases over the years, so his claim needs to be taken seriously. Seven years earlier, Hawkins became obsessed with the similarities between Clark and Superman, and has gathered an immense amount of evidence to support his theory. However, to get proof, he decides he has to interview Clark in person.

Upon meeting Clark he asks if he can snip a sample of Clark's hair. Just as he is about to do this, Lois walks in so Clark uses the distraction to zip to a costume shop at super-speed and borrow a wig. Hawkins is surprised to discover he can cut Clark's hair, but later he discovers that the hair is actually animal hair so deduces that Clark was wearing a wig.

For his next attempt to gain proof, Hawkins bribes a bank guard to "accidentally" lock Clark in the vault when he goes to deposit important Planet documents. If Clark breaks out, he will reveal himself as Superman, but if he stays in the vault the lack of air would also not affect him, so either way he would be revealed. Clark, however, tears open the vault door from the inside to reset the time lock to open the door immediately, goes out of the vault to set off the burglar alarm, then relocks himself back in the vault. When the police arrive they open the vault and free Clark, so again Hawkins is foiled.

Hawkins's next plan is to disguise himself as a workman at a perfume factory and call Clark to say there is a scoop to be had if he visits the factory. When Clark shows up, Hawkins pushes him into a vat of perfume, hoping that the smell will stick to him so even as Superman he will be able to smell him.

Superman, however, visits a chemical plant and douses himself in sulphuric acid to get rid of the perfume. For his final attempt, Hawkins decides to break into Clark's apartment in search of evidence. When Superman sees Hawkins there, he decides to plant some evidence that will convince Hawkins once and for all that Clark is not Superman. He writes Clark's will, in which Clark leaves everything to Superman. To make the will look genuine, he dates it 10 years earlier and whisks around the world to expose the paper to extreme climates to age it, returning in time to plant the will in Clark's desk.

When Hawkins discovers the will he is convinced, and upon his return to Scotland Yard in London he tells the chief inspector that he is now certain that Clark is not Superman.

Zatara: The spirits of the great magicians of Earths past, Merlin and Thoth, have been looking at the world of the living and are concerned that Zatara is upstaging them. The Oracle of Delphi makes a cryptic prophecy about the results of a contest between their magic and his. They enlist Appolonius and Cagliostro to help.

Thoth goes first. He causes flames to appear in Zatara's hotel room. He extinguishes the flames by conjuring a thunderstorm and then a umbrella. Thoth is soaked by rain and is struck by lightning while holding an iron sigil. He returns convinced of Zatara's mastery.

Next is Cagliostro. A magic powder makes Zatara's bed rise, but he causes it to fall, landing squarely on Cagliostro, who he recognises. He then makes Cagliostro's magic bag bite him. He prepares a trap. Appolonius is caught and drenched. Angered, he misses seeing some tacks which are on the floor. While removing them, a candle sets his backside afire. Merlin, tacking a different tack, summons Zatara to them, bed and all. Zatara turns their weapons to musical instruments and causes them to play. The magicians are finally convinced that Zatara's magic is the most powerful. Morpheus escorts him home. He awakens, unsure if it was a dream or not.

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