gr2blackout's Action Comics #1 - Superman, Champion of the Oppressed... review

Lame Yet Classic

Let's just say: THE PLOT MAKES NO SENSE!

Sure, it's the debut of a famous character. BUT....

No, it's not worth several million dollars.

The Cover

Superman smashing a car on a rock and people running away from him... nothing to hate about it, but, then again, nothing to like about it.

The Story

Story? Theres a story in this thing? I guess it's kind of a story... NOT. A one-page origin of Superman. Superman saves a life. Superman defeats these guys who capture Lois Lane or something. Superman overhears something involving the president. WHAT'S GOING ON?

I'm just glad I was born in the era where comics actually had plots.


You know those comics that are worth a lot of money, but you still don't wanna sell e'm, you just wanna keep e'm? Let's just say this is not one of those comics.

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