the_angry_comic_book_critic's Action Comics #1 - Superman, Champion of the Oppressed... review

Action Comics #1

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
Up in the Sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's the biggest waste of money in history! Okay now I know this issue is one of the most well known books in the history of comics but at the same time it's a colossal waste of money to anyone who buys it if you own it already through family heir loom props to you your rich. Sure Action Comics #1 will grow in value as time goes on but as far story telling for this classic goes it's rather mediocre. Hell it starts off in the middle of the story and you don't know how it all begins until Superman #1 so really the 1st tale of Superman is incomplete and I for one sure as hell ain't paying one million dollars for an incomplete story aside from the fact I never found Superman all that appealing of a character to begin with. I only read Action comics in a graphic novel because this book is apart of history and a milestone in comics.
Now I've always been a fan of golden age artwork and this book is no exception I love how it's done because it's real and has just the right amount of flaw to it to base it in reality not some computer generated image but good old fashioned hand drawn art of a simpler time. As for the characterization of Superman in his early days I can safely say I like him a hell of a lot more in the golden age then in the modern age. Namely because there was no line he wouldn't cross and is far more badass then his modern interpretation. This version of him vaguely reminds me of Batman only no where near a cool. Well there's not much more to be said for this save for there were no memorable villains in the early Superman comics which made the books a whole lot less interesting cause it's the villains that make the hero I mean where would Batman be without the Joker? Where would Spider-man be without the Green Goblin? Where would Captain America be without Red Skull? You need great villains to make great comics sure you'll find a few books that don't need a villain for a few issues mainly due to an amazing writer(s) giving superb character development but it's rare to find such. I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and Action Comics gets the stamp of approval.
Action Comics #1


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