Acolytes joining the X-Men?

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Since Magneto has proven himself to the X-Men, do you think the Acolytes might merge with the team? Which ones have remained powered that we know of?
Vindaloo, Gargouille, Neophyte, Projector, Unuscione, Voght, Frenzy, Kleinstock Bros?
Would like to see any of these folks on a team?

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It would be pretty cool to see Exodus team up with the X-Men but I doubt that'll happen

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@obie1103: He's such an uber-power. I'd imagine he'll stick on the sinister side of things. i wish they'd limit his power pool so he could become a bit more interesting....or maybe just have Apocalypse commandeer his body as a new vessel and get rid of him altogether
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I'd love to see Amelia Voght in the X-MEN,  she's one of my favourite characters. I love her powers.

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I always liked Frenzy.
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I agree with you. Amelia Voght would be an interesting addition to the team. She seems to be the most open-minded of the Acolytes. As for Exodus, that would never happen as he sees the X-Men as beneath him. Great character

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@Thunderscream: Yeah, he's pretty strong. But they could always give him a drawback of some kind like what they did with The Sentry. Phenomenal cosmic powers wrapped into a blond schizophrenic drama queen 
@Cherry Bomb: Yeah, that's actually likely since she's in San Francisco right?
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@obie1103:  Yeah, she relocated there with Random and the Omega Sentinel.
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I doubt we'll see them join the X-Men, but Utopia's doors are open to any & all mutants... so maybe there are a few on the floating island? 
Have there been any Acolyte sightings since Xavier convinced them to disband?

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cargill was in the dark avengers cross over. she was attacked and attacked moonstone/ms marvel i believe
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Isnt he on a spiritual pilgrimage?

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@karrob: who? exodus?
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@jordama said:
" @xerox-kitty: cargill was in the dark avengers cross over. she was attacked and attacked moonstone/ms marvel i believe "
Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  So she might have joined the mutant population on Utopia... weird, as she doesn't seem the maternal type, so why would she care about fighting for mutant rights to breed :p
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Well the whole Prop X was complete bull, she was probably just fighting because the humans were trying to tell her what she could and couldn't do, plus it gave her an excuss to get in a fight. ;) 
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There's a few Acolytes that would make good X-men. Scanner, Unuscione(I could see her helping train Armor since their powers are so similiar), Cargill was an X-Men once, Random(I always thought he had potential), and Voght(because of her history with Xavier).
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  I personally love Amelia, Scanner, Unuscione, Cargil, Exodus and also of course.

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Amelia would be great, I had thought of that since a long time. I think Cargill joining them is just natural by this point. Scanner is great too, but she is depowered. 
Random is a great character, he was great with X-Factor, and I think he would be great with the new X-Factor.

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@Psi-Fire: Sadly, Scanner was depowered :(
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@eldestrisk: Random is kinda one of those 90's tight, ripped jeans wearin Wolverine wannabe tough guys that I wish would just melt away into obscurity.
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If anyone deserved to lose their powers and become nothing it would be him.
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@jordama: here here. some of the power removals were somewhat perplexing when characters such as Random and Gargouille remained active
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I never understood why her powers seemed to affect the x-men and avengers the least, considering these are the mutants that she has had the most contact with and probably come to mind when she thinks of mutants
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I liked Random

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@jordama: Emma and Dr. Strange put up some strange protective screen over the mutants they were most familiar they instinctively knew what Wanda was up least I think that's what happened
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That would be so lame.  
Random, is frankly, random of a character. When I was reading Complex, and legacy when it was about Xavier, Random on panel seemed to bug me. Not sure why. I would be ok with him death
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Why did this get moved to it's own forum? Acolytes have everything to do with the X-Men : /

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You could just have replied to the PM like everyone else.  I tidied up the X-Men forum a little, that's all.  No biggie.  The Acolytes have their own page & their own forum... Be happy you're the first to post in the Acolyte forum.

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 I don't know about you people, but the Acolytes should be what they always were...ACOLYTES...but I do agree seen some of them joining the X-men like Unuscione, Scanner (too bad she depowered which she should come back once again), Voght, maybe Cargil, Projector might fit in. And again, I rather like to see the Acolytes together once again. How can Exodus disband the team? What were he was thinking? Where the hell are they now? (have anyone seeing them lately?) Are they coming back? (are they also bringing the dead back?) Are they still going to be a team with a new name? or they would still be Acolytes. Gathering the rest of them, who made it through M-Day (who still active of course), and start a new team with few new other mutants. Visualize this: Tempo, voght, Unuscione, Cargil, Scanner, Gargouille, Neophyte, Vindaloo, Projector, Kleinstock Bros, (origin) and 4 or 5 new characters which would be Phantazia, Blaze Seinna, Post, Unicorn, Will O Wisp and a new leader which its should be a surprise. Together can be call...The New Acolytes. And who knows they can be good or evil. Now THAT I would like. 

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I am okay with the Acolytes joining the X-Men.  While the Brotherhood were full of characters I thought were more hardened and ingrained into the mutant domination scene, the Acolytes were always disturbingly blinded by youth and the world.  I'd only like to see them stick together if it were Unuscione, Scanner, Neophyte, Amelia, and Random trying to find which path they truly belong on--but the truth is is that they are too D-List to have that much panel time devoted to them.  Because of this I hope Neo and Unuscione join, although good luck to Neophyte in replacing the iconic Kitty Pryde. ;-)

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