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The stable of characters of Ace Magazines were

Ace McCoy

Agent Q-13

The Black Ace

Black Puma

Black Spider

Blitz Buster

Blue Rubber Man

Blue Spark

Buckskin Blake

Buck Steele

The Clown (Dynamite)

Captain Courageous (Dynamite)

Captain Gallant

Captain Nippo (Dynamite)

Captain Victory (Ace version)

Congo Jack


Corporal Flint


Cross Draw Kid

Dr. Nemesis (Marvel)

Doctor Oxyo

Eel (Ace Version)

Fate (Ace version)

The Flag (Dynamite)

Flash Lightning


Green Arrowhead

Green Genie

Icicle (Ace version)

Hap Hazard


Lash Lightning and Lightning Girl (Dynamite)

Lenore Black

Lizard (Ace version-similar look to Marvel's Lizard)

Lone Warrior and Dickey


Magno the Magnetic Man and Davey (Dynamite)

Marvo the Magician

Mastermind (Ace version)

Mirror Man (Ace version)

Moon Man (Moonstone)

Mr. Risk

Old Man of the Pyramids

Paul Revere, Jr.

Phoenix (Ace version)

Professor Aries, the Invisible Man

Professor Bixby

Professor Octopus

Red Death


Secret Agent X, the Man of 1,000 Faces

Shinto Samaraui



The Cobra (Dynamite)

The Mummy

The Raven (Mr. Raven) (Dynamite)

The Swami

The Sword and Lancer (Dynamite)

The Torcher

The Unknown

The Unknown Soldier (The Soldier Unknown) (Dynamite)

The Vulture

Tiger Man (Ace version)


Vulcan (Dynamite)

Whiz Wilson


X the Phantom Fed (Moonstone)

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