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Ace Dick is the neighbor and rival of Problem Sleuth. When he first appears he's trying to hire some women from Bust-R-Us. Problem Sleuth ends up giving him a card with the Bust-R-Us companies number and AD calls the woman over. The women proceed to tie AD up and rob him. After a bit of help from PS AD is freed and decides to bury the hatchet with his old rival. After AD builds a fort in his office he is able to assist to PS in the imagination world, although he proves to be not very useful due to his poor imagination and is soon killed by a monster. After a while AD and PS are able to recruit Pickle Inspector to join them and with his imaginary help they are able to slay the imaginary monster. Sadly imaginary AD is killed once again by a new imaginary monster in a different area. Meanwhile in the real world AD ends up going a spirit quest where he assists some pigs. After this AD's female counterpart appears, but due to AD's poor imagination his counterpart is a perfect(male) clone. Although this proves helpful as both ADs are able to assist PS against Mobster Kingpin's hordes of monsters and thugs. Along the way, AD is killed in the real world, but he earns his life back after a game of Life. He, along with most of the characters killed, is present on top of Mobster Kingpin's hat. He later absorbs his two counterparts and becomes the strongest man in the world, allowing him to close Death's door and wield the Megaton Key. After DMK is killed it is Ace Dick who opens the door with the Megaton Key freeing Team Sleuth and their allies from the apartment.

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